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Welcome to

St. Vincent
De Paul      

Catholic Church

You Belong Here!

At St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, we are a vibrant, multicultural, Catholic community united under one Baptism in Christ. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are committed to inviting and supporting every member of our parish to encounter Christ anew every day through prayer, the Sacraments, and humble service. We strive to bring to life the words of our mission:

“Place God first in all things. Preach the Gospel and glorify Him by our lives. Love and serve as Christ.”


Working together, we aspire to build a strong parish community where all feel welcome, all belong, and all are inspired by God’s Word to be Jesus’ disciples, transforming those we meet through our faith, hope and love in Christ.

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Mass times

      Saturday:    5:00PM (Vigil - English)

       Sunday:     7:45AM  (Bilingual)

  10:00AM  (English)

  12:00PM  (Spanish)

    5:30PM* (English)

    7:30PM  (Spanish)

      Monday:      8:00AM  (English)

     Tuesday:      8:00AM  (English)

             5:30PM  (Spanish)

Wednesday:     8:00AM  (Spanish)

    5:30PM  (English)

    Thursday:     8:00AM  (English)

         Friday:     8:00AM  (English)

*NOTE: 5:30PM from Memorial Day to Labor Day Weekends, 4PM remainder of the year.

monthly masses 

    Friday:      Sacred Heart of Jesus Mass

6:30PM  (Spanish)

          1st Friday of the Month

Saturday:     Immaculate Heart of Mary Mass

8:00AM (English)

1st Saturday of the Month

  Sunday:     Mass in Vietnamese

5:30PM* (Vietnamese)

3rd Sunday of the Month

*NOTE: 3:30PM from Memorial Day to Labor Day Weekends, 5:30PM remainder of the year.



Thursday:     5:00PM - 6:30PM

 Saturday:     9:00AM - 10:30AM


Adoration Chapel doors open daily:

6:00AM - 9:00PM


Adoration keys to access outside of these times can be requested from the parish office. At SVDP we offer Perpetual Adoration, with continuous exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 24-hours a day. We invite you to help cover all hours by committing to ONE hour with Jesus.

Daily Readings


Daily readings for Mass are available here


mass ministry schedule


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Reconcilation Schedule

Bulletin & Upcoming

Stay informed of what’s going on at St. Vincent de Paul with our weekly bulletin. See weekly Mass schedules, giving stats, upcoming events, inspirational articles and much more! Pick-up a paper copy in the church or view it online here:

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Pet Blessing

Do you have pets? The annual blessing of pets in honor of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi will be Wednesday October 4th in the SVDP Courtyard at 3:30pm with a second blessing at 6:30pm.

We can't wait to welcome all of God's creatures!


Marriage Enrichment Date

All married and engaged couples, mark your calendars for our next Marriage Enrichment Date Night on Saturday, October 7th. Relax, play, and PRAY as we present "Painting with a Prayer Twist"! Get creative, and learn how to let go and let God while being present in the moment TOGETHER.


All Night Adoration


Our next all night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is October 7th and 8th from 7:30pm to 7:30am.

Join us and spend time with the Lord!

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