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Mass Protocols Updates:

To our Parishioners at St. Vincent de Paul Parish,

In response to Bishop Anthony B. Taylor’s recent letter regarding modifications to the Diocesan COVID-19 protocols for Churches, we at St. Vincent de Paul Parish are thoughtfully and carefully considering how to gradually implement these changes with our parishioners’ health and safety in mind. At this time, we have developed the following preliminary timeline to return to pre-COVID-19 conditions.


  • Effective Immediately:  Sanitization of the pews with the electrostatic sprayers after each Mass will cease. Pews will be cleaned as normal before COVID-19.

  • April 3: The Baptismal Font will be filled with water for individual Sign of the Cross, in time for our Easter Vigil during which time the water will be blessed.

  • April 10: The Offertory Procession to the altar with the bread and wine, followed by the Book of Prayers, will resume. All will be required to wear masks and maintain 6’ physical distancing. 

  • April 28: The Entrance and Exit processions, with altar servers, will resume. All will be required to wear masks and maintain 6’ physical distancing. 


The following COVID-19 protocols will continue and remain the same:


  • Masks that cover the nose and mouth will be required during Mass and on-campus at all times.

  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the church.

  • Reception of communion will be on the hand only.

  • Maintain 6’ feet apart from non-household members. As more and more parishioners begin to be vaccinated, we will consider the appropriate time to lift the ropes from every other pew. Until then, the pews will continue to be roped off.

  • Weekly collections should be deposited in the collection boxes on the Baptismal font or in the baskets throughout the Church. We will not resume passing of the collection baskets until we remove the ropes from the pews.

  • Cantors and musicians will be limited, and are required to keep 12’ feet away from the congregation, and 6’ between themselves if not in the same household.

  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will remain in the Weekday Chapel for the present time.

  • Communion to the sick in their homes can only be ministered by a family member, caretaker, or a Communion Minister who is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • The Nursery will remain closed until further notice.

  • Sanitization of meeting rooms by our Ministry groups will no longer be required. Attendance sheets will still be required for tracking purposes.


For information on where you can get your COVID-19 vaccine visit for a list of locations. 



As your parish manager, I will continue to communicate any changes to our COVID-19 protocols for your awareness, adjusting our protocols as needed. If you have any questions, please contact the parish office. Thank you.


That covers the nose and mouth at all times

  • Exceptions: Children under 1O years old, person is serving as a lector, cantor, or has a speaking role with at least 12 feet physical distance from others

  • DO NOT enter the Church without wearing a cloth mask

  • CANNOT remain at Mass if you remove your mask

  • If using a faceshield, you MUST wear a cloth mask under it too



Before entering the Worship Space, Weekday Chapel, or any other church facility. Several hand sanitizer stations are located all over the church for your convenience


Physical distance from non-household members

  • Equivalent to three empty chairs or empty seats


  • If you feel ill

  • Have a temperature of 100.4° F (38° C)

  • And/or exibit other COVID-19 related symptoms

Mass Overflow Plan

Due to increased attendance, doors to the Worship Space (1) will close when Mass starts. Ushers then will direct parishioners to sit in the Gathering Space (2). Once full, parishioners will be asked to sit in the Weekday Chapel (3)or the JPII Room (4) in the Ministry Building, where Mass will be livestreamed. See Mass overflow plan below: